Los Angeles | Orange County Engagement/Pre-Wedding Photography

Congratulation on your engagement, I believe you have begun the journey of planning your dream wedding, and start looking for the venue and all the vendors. As for photography, we should get you started by planning an engagement photography session. An engagement session is an excellent time for your fiancé and yourself to have fun and explore with the wedding photographer. Of course, the photo shoot should be done to amplify your personality in the pictures. I always enjoy having a good time with all my client couples. Since my style reflects fashion, fun, and sense of emotion, I will try to find the intimate side of each couple. And this will result in making the photos unique to the engaged couple. A successful engagement photography session also permits the photographer and the couples to establish a relationship, which leads to better wedding photography session during the actual wedding day. Personally, i preferred to spend more time during the engagement photography session. I love the great lighting and interesting background/color settings.

Ideal Locations

Above are some of my favorite city around the world that I have explored and experienced with my clients, from Los Angeles to Paris, Iceland, Every country and city is unique, we believe you should pick one that is match your personality. And of course to make a trip out of it.    

Personalize your engagement session and communication

Engagement photos are a story about you! So let that be told. Consider bringing any significant items, emotional elements, (i.e. a unique book, a particular sports team banner, school mascot stuff animal, etc.) from your relationship to use as props in the shoot. It will add a personal touch and customizes the shoot to represent who you two are. Consider creating a theme or storyline for the shoot. Check out magazines for ideas on outfits and style. Perhaps you want to stay within your comfort zone, or you may want to explore with a more attractive style that is appropriate to your theme (if you have one). GQ magazine and Vogue are great resources for modern lifestyle fashion. For wedding gowns and formal attire, check out Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine. That should get you started with plenty of ideas. Be sure to communicate all your ideas with our photographer, so we can create a better shoot for you.

Finding Location and Scheduling

Before the shoot, plan your schedule with your photographer accordingly. Allow enough time for you to get from one location to the next. Be sure to calculate in possible traffic delays and give yourself enough leeway for possible changes. Visit each site at least once, so you know exactly how to get there. Check with the venue center to make sure professional photography is allowed, their fees (if applicable), and any additional necessary licenses to shoot on the premise. We don't want you to pick your ideal location and find out you're not allowed to photograph there. If the time of day is a consideration for specific shots or crowded areas, check your schedule of the day for conflicts.

When to Book Your Photographer

Book your engagement photographer at least 1 year in advance to the wedding, it will ensure that you get the photos in time to share with your families and friends on your wedding day! Save the day card; wedding slide shows etc.